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Appearance Edit

Amira has red hair she usually wears in braids as well as green eyes. She wears what appears to be dragon scale armor. She is 5'4 and has very large eyes that give her childlike features although she is seventeen.

Background Edit

Amira was born in a small village, her mother a cryomancer. Strangely, her mother always seemed to resent her. Nearly everyone in the village she grew up in was a cryomancer, and she appeared to have no magical gift until she was thirteen. She is a very gifted pyromancer, uncommon in the area she grew up in. Never knowing her father, she assumed it came from him. For years her mother forced her to hide her magic, and Amira didn't understand why. She assumed she was ashamed because she wasn't a cryomancer like everyone else. Amira practiced her magic in secret for years before she left her home at age fifteen, wanting to be free of her mother's watchful eye.

Meanwhile, a war had been going on between two factions within the county. One side mainly cryomancers, the other pyromancers. Though Amira doesn't know this, her father is a part of the opposing faction. Her mother, ashamed of her actions, kept the identity of her child's father a secret. Until Amira developed her pyromancy, there was no proof of her father's identity.

Amira now wanders aimlessly, searching for answers behind her mother's coldness towards her and seeking to find the identity of her father.

History In DrealmEdit

Amira goes where she pleases, currently wandering Drealm and setting fires to cure her boredom.

Personality Edit

Amira is very excitable and lively, often acting before thinking. She seems to have the worst judgement, acting impulsively from her feelings and not considering others. She warms up very quickly to people and will ask very personal and prying questions, as well as invade others' personal space, getting much closer than acquaintances should. She enjoys meeting new people and helping others although she often does the opposite on accident. She is a pyromaniac, often sitting around and watching flames for hours. Because of her impulsive behavior and strange infatuation with fire, most believe she is insane. However, Amira is simply a very dynamic and energetic person with a fascination with fire.

Abilities Edit

Pyromancy Edit

Amira is a pyromancer, using her mana to create fire, however she rarely deliberately harms people. She often forms thin strands of fire, and it is very uncommon for a pyromancer to have that kind of control.

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