Clypeus is an ancient shield with a mouth. Of course, Clypeus shows us why shields shouldn't have mouths, because all he seems to use his for is to badmouth others.

Appearance Edit

Cylpeus appears to be an average heater shield. However, one thing that makes Clypeus distict is the fact that he has a mouth. A mouth that he uses quite often. And. That's basically it. I mean, he is a talking shield.

Personality Edit

Clypeus can be a bit of a jerk. He's a loud-mouthed, trash-talking shield. Of course, he can get away with it, seeing as he is completely invulnerable. As terrible a guy as he is, Clypeus is willing to train anyone who asks, as long as they can put up with his constant insults, of course.

History Edit

Clypeus is incredibly old. Mindbogglingly old. The furthest back Clypeus can remember is about three thousand years, but historical accounts date his existence back much further. Clypeus has been used by hundreds of thousands of warriors. He has seen the birth of nearly every fighting style, the birth of many magics, and even the creation of weapons many would consider ancient. Clypeus has been wielded by great heroes and lowly nobodies alike. However, many times Clypeus is the one that turns nobodies into somebodies. Of course, much like the bass guitarist gets no recognition, Clypeus was still just a shield. In many stories he would get almost no mention, or be written out altogether. Either way, the ancient characters of drealms would likely have run into Clypeus on more than one occasion.

Relationships Edit

Geryon - He used Clypeus for a little bit

Aero - Ditto

Tak - Current wielder of Clypeus, being trained by him

Melancholy - Once met Clypeus around two hundred years ago

Abilities Edit

Invulnerability - No attack may ever harm Clypeus. In all his years of existence, he has never gotten a single scratch

Magic Consumption - He can eat magical attacks and store them up, either to release in a blast from his mouth or to empower his wielder

Auto-Block - He can move his wielder's arm to block an incoming attack if the wielder is too slow

Mental Link - He can form a mental link with his wielder. This is generally how he trains those who wield him. He has to project mental images of the stances since he has no hands or feet.