Dralthurel Rumos Edit

Dralthurel Rumos is a timeless being from a far realm, Anatireon. His Anatirean name is Dmzgsvi.

The realm of Anatireon was lorded over by supremely powerful beings known as Seraphs. Dmzgsvi himself was a lesser Seraphic warrior, but a mighty one at that. In the common language, Dmzgsvi translates roughly to the phrase "Gift of Will and Might".

Dmzgsvi was a very proud warrior. He was always the brightest, the strongest, and the most powerful.


Dralthurel Rumos

His own might threatened to outshine that of the High Seraphs themselves. For this, the jealous and spiteful Seraphs banished Dmzgsvi to a deep circle of Anatireon's hell.

For eons, Dmzgsvi remained in his circle of hell, a fallen, tortured spirit. But, one day--in a method that was unknown even to the Seraphs--he broke free.

Vengeful and disillusioned with the Seraphs and their creeds, Dmzgsvi began to build his power back up in the mortal realm of Anatireon. As he did so, he gathered to him a group of powerful mortal warriors to aide him in his vengeance.

Years after his escape from his demonic hell, Dmzgsvi lead his warriors to the gates of the Seraphs' fortress, and smashed them in. He slew every High Seraph, and took their power for himself before turning on his former lesser Seraphic brothers and striking them down with the rest, until none but he and his warriors remained.

He returned to the world of Anatireon, now all-powerful in his realm He granted his warriors positions of prestige and power.

For centuries, he ruled with an iron fist. Until, by some unknown force--stronger even than the power of the Seraphs--banished Dmzgsvi and his vengeful power to the Draconis Realm.

In this Realm, he takes the name of Dralthurel Rumos.

Personality Edit

Dralthurel is an embittered, yet carefree man. He does not shy from violence, yet in this realm, he has lost the want for it. He has a very dry sense of humor, and with his dark outlook on life in this realm, will turn most things into some sort of joke. When talking with him, he speaks very much like the former ruler he was, with an unattached, flat tone.

Dralthurel is also extremely prideful. While he will follow others, he never sees himself as a follower, merely as a helping hand. His is a pride that transcends things such as gestures. Bowing or saluting means nothing to him, as they are beneath him.

Fighting Edit

Dralthurel carries a simple hand-and-a-half longsword, yet his true power lies in his magic. He is incredibly powerful, yet--being forced to channel his strength from another realm--must put time and concentration into each spell.