Exile is an Anima user who was banished from his home.


Exile is of average height and well built. He wears a wide brimmed hat, a trench coat, cloth pants, and boots, all of which are brown.  On his back is a circle of ten X's branded into his flesh with one big X in the middle.


Exile is very easy going, and kind to just about everyone he meets. He puts other people's problems ahead of his own, and would go to great lengths to help someone he just met. He never regrets anything he does.


Exile was once a proud knight with a loving wife and a good son. He came from a long line of knights and inherited two swords, the Zweihander and the Einhander. He served his country for many years until one day, when everything went wrong.

Exile came across three other knights attempting to rape a young girl. Exile didn't give it a second thought, he slew them on the spot. The order of knights tried Him for murder. The girl was too afraid to come forward and defend him, so Exile was convicted. Due to his exemplary service, he was not executed. They instead exiled him.

As was the tradition, they branded with one X for each life he took as well as one large X in the center of his back. He asked for a circle of ten X's instead of three because of the lives of his family and the families of the other knights he had ruined. His clothes were taken and he was given the garb of the exile, which he still wears. He was allowed to keep his weapons and two items of his choosing. And finally, they took his name and struck every mention of him from the records. He was no one anymore, he was just an exile.


Cass - One of the first people Exile met, he gave her Einhander and trained her in swordsmanship. Wishes to save her from Zisser.

Myst - A little girl with rabbit ears that Exile cares for dearly.

Forett - He barely knows him. He knocked him out once and also helped him catch some deer.

Apex - A friend of Myst's is a friend of his.


Anima - He has no idea he has it, but he knows that if he concentrates he becomes stronger and faster.

Zweihander - A large two-handed sword made of Dragonbane Alloy. Enchanted to increase the strength of the holder.