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Li-Han & Mai-Han Yeixrai


Both 18

Both Nachtverian



Both Female


Both Living



Rank in Family

Ha'ien's Guardians.

"We have everything under control~"

Li-han and Mai-han are the lust-addled monstrosities that the Ha'ien uses to protect her interests. Driven mad by the Commandant training, and unsuccessful at leading their legions, the duo were sent off into the wilds, before being captured and brought before the Ha'ien. Interested in their skills in combat, the Ha'ien had them brought into her family, and under her command.

While being described as only slightly 'off' at first glance, the stories told of their actions in both defense of the Ha'ien and the carrying out of her orders are enough to chill most to the core.

Their skills, armaments and abilities lead them to both be experts in rather different fields. Mai, with her strange affection for the arcane, tends to be the most destructive, While Li, mostly contained and collected in public, has a selection of implements ranging from cleavers to scalpels secured in her skirt, More inclined to retrieving information the easy way.

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