Rikasha Nikano, or Rika for short, is the Draconis Alma of Magnetism.

Appearance Edit

Rikasha once had fair skin and blonde hair. She could see perfectly clear with her bright blue eyes. She has a red tattoo on her face that her father had given her.

Now, she has light purple hair and pinkish skin. She still has a tattoo on her forehead. After going blind, she made her own special eye mask with two magnetic strips above and below her eyes, allowing her to see with the use of her powers.

Personality Edit

Mostly calm and cool. (This needs more still.)

History Edit

Ean Nikano, Rikasha's father, was a scientist and experimenting alchemist. He was known for being crazy and was getting more senile as the days went on, but she ignored it out of pure love for her father. He often showcased his new creations on Rikasha to display for other people, even going as far as tattooing her forehead with special ink. One day he had an idea for an experiment and used his own daughter to test it. He injected into her toxin after toxin after toxin until her skin turned pink and her hair went purple. The last toxin had caused her to scream in pain, and in the next few hours her vision went from perfectly clear to nonexistent. It was at this point that she knew she had to leave, and eventually she escaped her father's shack and hid in a nearby forest. It was there that Atora, the Dragon God of magnetism, chose her to become the Draconis Alma of Magnetism based on Rikasha's courage and strive. Her future was going to be filled with greatness, and with the added power will allow her to see, but not in the same way as before.

Relationships Edit

None at the moment.

Abilities/Magic Edit

Will update later.