Sarai is the Draconis Alma of Spirit and currently resides in the Hono Manor with her roommate/friend Rozalin.


Race: Human

Age: Unknown

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Appearance Edit

Sarai is considered to be very beautiful. She is 6', and although very tall her fair skin, raven hair, and blue eyes cancel that out.

She usually dresses in longer dresses and wears some type of jeweled headdress.

Personality Edit

She is very calm but calculative. She is also very intelligent and that's shown from the way she structures her sentences and the words she uses.

History Edit

Everything is unknown. Somehow, she ended up in Drealm looking for her dragon counterpart and found Siwang and Aero instead, and was invited to live in the manor. She is known to take care of people in need and letting them stay in her room, which is currently taken by Roz.

Along the way, Sarai had started to develop feelings for Siwang. She hasn't seen him since he turned evil and left the manor. Now she desperately awaits his return.

Relationships Edit

Aero: Acquaintances. He let her stay in the manor.

Siwang: Sarai is in love with him, but she feels uneasy about it since he left.

Roz: Her friend that lives with her. She has no idea what Roz is truly capable of.

Cassie: While Sarai's nature is to care about other people no matter what, Sarai doesn't care much for her and disapproves of her morals.