Iskenderun in his Human form


A few minnellia (Appears in his 50s)


Sorcerer King, Dragon God of Magic




Human, Dragon God

Magical Type



Archandane, Saviors


6'1 (Human Form), Pretty damn tall (Dragon Form)


Whatever the hell an old man weighs (Human Form), Pretty damn heavy (Dragon Form)

Sorcerer King Iskenderun hails from an alternate future, where Archandane became one of the greatest nations ever to exist. With the mastery of magic, and the blood of Dragon Gods, Iskenderun eternally ruled Archandane, for an eternity... until the War began.

Similar in skill and power to his Archmagus counterpart, Iskenderun's magical abilities are especially empowered by the blood he ursurped from the dragons and dragon gods he has slain. Unlike Iskenderun, however, he also has a wide selection of magical artifacts gained and created in his great wizard kingdom, Archandane.


Iskenderun, in his mighty Dragon God form

The blood he has taken from slain dragon gods allowed him to ascend into something short of one. Iskenderun is able to invoke this blood in order to access his Draconic form, with powers far greater than your average dragon... Once Sandara began to take over, Iskenderun rallied most of the dragons and dragon gods in order to stop her. Those that have been slain, Iskenderun salvaged, and used their blood to empower himself further, gaining nigh omnipotence. This power, however, was still not strong enough to stand a chance against Sandara, so Iskenderun went back in time to bestow and train his past self at a much younger age, in order for him to easily amass enough power to stop Sandara, once the time came.

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