Son of Valorious, the Master of the unforgiving north, the Lord King Striche of Alversia.

Appearance Edit

Striche stands at a proud 7'2. His facial features are rumored to be black hair, dark eyes with a long scar across his left cheek. Among others rumors that surrond his body, are tattoos and a cut off forearm. The tattoos rumor has evolved from the Acolytes of Vastle, where as in after an unknown fight had occured, Striche was left with large cut open wounds at the start of each of his limbs. The tattoos are believed to be of dark chains. The cutoff forearm is after another unknown battle where as Striche wandered into the Tomb of Emperors, alone and tired. There is speculation of what has happend but none can be redeemed true.

Striche wears a black plate armour with is clad with several ornaments on the spauldrens, chestplate and helmet. The insignia of Alversia can be seen in the middle of the chestplate, surronded by skulls facing the other way. The armour is thick and heavy, protecting Striche from flintlocks and arrows. There is speculation about his right gauntlet, as it has been proven to effectivly null magic on a person if touched by it. He is also believed to be wearing Aura based armour to defend himself from any Draconis Alma attempts on his life.

Personality Edit

Striche's personality is that of a superiority complex. He believes that he is the greatest and he alone should take burdens of others. He allows his people to view him, waving at them. He enjoys knowing that people look up to him. He is also very egocentrical. He will make anything and everything about him. He can be arrogant but he can also be kind to those that follow him. His hate for Draconis Alma forms his superiority complex as he now knows that they can be killed. He has slain several Draconis, each giving an input into his personality. The more he killed, the more heartless he became.

None the less, his personality grants him a voice of a leader. As he speaks, he sounds monotoned. He does not let emotions into his speech, believing it to be a weakness.

Abilities Edit

Striche is a Draconis Messor, and has seen several fights and wars in his lifetime. Not only just that, he had limited telekinses abilities which have not been been used ever since his new plate armor. He's also a brilliant tactician alongside his natural bloodthirst as a warrior.

His abilities beyond his sword wielding and telekinses are unknown.

Weaponry Edit

Striche once used the Hono family sword, the Blade of Madness. Now, he wields a new weapon which he calls Damocles. It is far different, yet sends the same presence of the Hono blade yet corrupted. Rumor is that the Blade of Madness was the first weapon which to be corrupted by a new powerful forge uncovered by the Alversian Empire.