The God's Claw is a large, multi-purpose guild that primarily resides in Drealmcity2.0. It's one of the most powerful non-government organizations, being filled with a diverse cast of members, all talented in their own right.


The God's Claw was formed several centuries ago by Mitheos, with the intention of spreading good and happiness to others. In today's age, that goal has long been forgotten by most members as they join for either money or for fellowship. The Guild quickly prospered as the reputation Mitheos already had attracted many people into joining him. The Guild simply continued to grow throughout the years, leading to its large size today.


The God's Claw is a very strong guild in nearly all aspects. It's wealthy enough to support its own weight. The main strength of the God's Claw resides in its diversity. Members, no matter what their talents may be, always have a place and job to do in the guild.

Along with the diversity the Guild has, is its military strength. A large portion of guildmembers are specialized fighters who will support the Guild in battle.


The diversity of the guild allows it to offer many services. Someone simply has to request a job to be done to the God's Claw, and if a member is willing to accept it, they can do whatever it takes to get it done. Job requests can range from the construction of a house to delivering a message, to simply defeating a bandit raid or offering protection. Even absurd job requests such as dishes needing to be cooked can be made and fulfilled.

Membership and How to JoinEdit

The God's Claw is a very open guild. Its size is largely attributed to the availability of work they offer. Along with the jobs they offer, they also offer fellowship and a home for guildmembers to stay in. If that doesn't attract a person to join, then the pay might change their mind, as the guild pays good money to those who do their work.

A character almost has no reason to not join the Guild. Though it definitely isn't mandatory to join to RP with others, it should be clear that there are barely any restrictions stopping a character from joining. They'll always have a place to do something, whether they be a weak mage, architect or even chef, they can always join.

If you want a character to join, you can just have him either already be a member or join during the RP. You don't have to tell Jet, who runs the Guild stuff. (It'd be nice if you let him know so he knows that your character is a guild member though :) )

The only things that would stop a character from joining is if they have done wrong to the guild in the past, or if they are just straight up evil.