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The Yeixrai Complex is the home of the Ha'ien of the Yeixrai family. It's the largest complex owned by any of the Nachtverian families, and is one of the few not established inside Nachtver territory. It is both ran and policed by the Yeixrai Family Guard, and has become incredibly prosperous since it's establishment 8 years ago.

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The Yeixrai Complex was established at the command of the Ha'ien of the Yeixrai family,

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The Yeixrai Complex is policed mostly by the Yeixrai Guard, The family's army division for defensive actions. While this would usually suffice for a town run by the Yeixrai, the various powers used by the inhabitants of the Draconis Realm have resulted in the formation of three new divisions, The Arcane, Auric and Anima guards. Each division patrols evenly across the city, and all are well versed in their respective skills.

To top this off, the best of the best in each of these four divisions are offered the honor of joining the Yeixrai Elite (Better name pending), Made up of those with remarkable abilities such as:

Canvas Yeixrai

Li-han Yeixrai

Mai-han Yeixrai

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The Yeixrai Complex mainly serves as a stop-off point for the families establishments in various other realms, With other trading guilds using it as a stepping stone into the Nachtverian lands.

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The Ha'ien Complex Edit

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Where the Ha'ien lives,

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Restricted to direct invite from either a resident or the Ha'ien


Residential District Edit

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Where the majority of people live.

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The first district you will come across after entering the Complex

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Unrestricted, aside from the occasional random stop-and-search by guards