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Hono Manor

Appearance Edit

Vera has dark hair that she usually wears in a ponytail, and her bangs are almost always falling over her blue eyes. She wears a white dress with gold accents as well as metal bracers from her upper arm to her wrist.

Background Edit

Vera was raised by her father after her mother died in childbirth. Being born premature, she had always been very sickly and small. Her father was a very eccentric man who was interested in engineering. He had been working on a secret project for years, never telling anyone what it was including his only daughter. At age nine, Vera discovered her gift of illumancy. Over the next five years her skills improved, though her mana pool never grew from where it started at. When she was fourteen she decided to try and 'stretch' her mana pool. She went into her father's work shed and attacked what seemed to be a large pile of scrap metal until it was nothing but a smoldering pile. Her father, hearing the commotion, busted into the shed to find her collapsed on the ground and his life's work destroyed. Devastated, the man made the ludicrous decision to disown his weakened daughter and send her out on her own. She lived on her own as a traveler until coming across Drealm and living with Melody in the manor, as well as Wisteria.

History In DrealmEdit

Vera traveled to Drealm where she met Sokunama and Wisteria. Soku brought both she and Wisteria to the manor, both of them going to stay with Melody. She spends her days training and attempting to fix her mana issue.

Personality Edit

Despite being very small and frail, Vera takes it upon herself to take care of others. She is very protective and worries about other people often, despite not being able to deal with her own weakness. She is scared easily and dislikes conflict but will confront others if someone's well being is at stake. If bothered Vera can be sarcastic and irritable.

Abilities Edit

Illumancy Edit

Vera is a light mage and can manipulate light so that it burns or protects her if needed.

Healing Edit

Vera can perform very basic healing magic.

Despite being an experienced and powerful mage, all of Vera's abilities are very limited due to her small mana pool. She cannot use powerful magic consistently and cannot use magic for an extensive period of time without becoming weakened.

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