This page will detail one of the most annoy- *POOOOOOOOF* "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGLE!" Wha- Waggle? You can't be here, this is a wiki page! "PFFFFT. I'm WAGGLE, the MIGHTY MAGE of the SQUEAKY CLEAN, so I think I have the credentials to do MY OWN PAGE." Waggle, I swear if- "ONTO THE NEXT SECTION!"

Appearance Edit

"I am perhaps one of the most beautiful beings to ever grace Drealms." Waggle. You're just a bedsheet with eyeholes. "A BEAUTIFUL bedsheet. Because cleanliness is beauty." Waggle. Get off the wiki. "We've only. Just. BEGUN!"

Personality Edit

"I'm a great guy. I love long walks on the beach." You have no feet. "I like eating with my friends." You have no mouth. "And above all, I really, really, REALLY love cleaning." Yes. Waggle, in an almost paradoxical manner, is disgustingly obsessed with cleanliness. "Hey, obsessed is a strong word. Its more like. If I don't clean every single thing I see, I'll go insane and throw myself into a wood chipper." You're not allowed to know what a wood chipper is Waggle. "Shhhhhh, its the wiki I'll say what I want."

History Edit

"I am a being shrouded in mystery." And a bedsheet. "And a bedsheet. Nonetheless, I'm mysterious, unknown, cool." Definitely not the last one. "The important thing here is that no one knows my history, especially not you chumps reading this." You don't even know your history. "Well they aren't supposed to know that!"

Relationships Edit

"Please? Do I even need to put anything here?" No. You weren't supposed to write anything anywhere. "Anyhow, I'm pretty much loved by everyone." I'm pretty sure Tak dislikes you, and I know for a fact Asuna and Korsakov hate you. "What? No they're just joking. I'm great! I clean stuff for them!" Waggle, right now, I hate you. "I'M NOT LISTENIIIIING."

Magic Edit

"I'm definitely one of the best mages in Drealms." You don't even have offensive magic. Its not even defensive. "Um, its both ACTUALLY. Its OFFENSIVE against germs and dirt and its DEFENSIVE because it protects people from germs and dirt. Plus. You know. I can teleport too." So there we have it. Waggle is pretty useless in every situation ever. "Hey, if someone could do me a favor and make, like, a filth golem for me to defeat or..." Alright, we're done here.


    High Quality Chrono Trigger OST 37 - Delightful Spekkio

    High Quality Chrono Trigger OST 37 - Delightful Spekkio