Zeken Oscabar. Wife of Sophie Hono, Father of Dante & Zhalia Hono.


Zeken wears all black, finishing with a black overcoat. He has black spiky hair and normally has a cocky grin on his face. He is tanned and quite handsome.


Zeken's origins are unknown. All he does know is that he settled down in a town quite a distance away from Kritana. He fell in love and found it a haven for himself. Yet magic was banned there and we had used a display of it to protect his love, they wanted him gone. His love was burned for helping him. He turned dark, and destroyed the town and all who lives there. He is the Draconis Alma of the Earth, his dragon god father is Valencia. He will do anything to protect his wife Sophie, children Dante & Zhalia and friend Aero. His brother, who was absorbed before birth, lives inside of his mind. If Zeken allows him to, Dalya takes control of Zeken's body. It changes the physical state, the magic and the power. He is extremely powerful. If he is out longer then 30 minutes, it's almost impossible for Zeken to regain power.


  • Geomancy
  • A vast array of weapons in his workshop
  • Soul Sword
  • Using Aero :P
  • Dalya


  • Aero
  • Sophie
  • Dante & Zhalia
  • Sophie's creation thing. (Cyclone I think)
  • Gemano (Dragon)
  • Most people who don't punch him.


  • Zephyr
  • Demons
  • Siwang
  • Aaron
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Has recently had his family reunited. Beating things up with Aero.