There are certainly a good number of ways to describe Zisser Vraal. One could call him a bug man, but the nomenclature oversimplifies what he truly is. "Weapon" or "monster" are perhaps closer to the mark, but imply a mindless quality that does not belong to Zisser. So, rather than attempt to give this being a title myself, I shall simply lay out the facts before you and allow you to decide just what to call something like Zisser Vraal.


It is quite obvious that Zisser Vraal is no human. He has large, black insectoid eyes, a pair of antennae, an exoskeleton, and wings beneath a beetle-like shell. He was created for the sole purpose of being a weapon, and it shows. He has retractable, dagger-like claws that cut through steel like butter, a redundant nervous system that renders him immune to pain, the ability to spit a corrosive acid, multiple vital organs, the ability to regrow lost limbs, mandibles that are so tough and so fast they would cause water to boil as they pass through it, secretes a substance that renders him immune to magic, and the ability to store three days worth of air and eject that pressurized air from various vents on his body for various purposes.


Zisser Vraal is a created being. Though he shows intelligence, and even things resembling emotion, he is completely soulless. He was created by Doktor von Ziegler, the head of the Blaine Brothers Mercenary Company research and development department. His job was to create a weapon for the BBMC. The Doktor had been experiencing a block, until he stumbled upon Apex, a being with astounding evolutionary potential, whose genetic material he used in the creation of Zisser. At the time his creation was known as Prototype Z of the V-Series drone units, later codenamed Zisser Vraal. Zisser was never told of Apex, let alone the creator's role in his creation. Zisser went on to work as a bounty hunter for the BBMC as a way of field testing him. He showed great promise before going rogue and joining the Equalizers.